Karvanda Pickle Recipe

Karvanda is a seasonal tiny sour berry which is used for making pickles. As children we enjoyed eating it with a dash of salt. Fond memories indeed! ❤️


  • 1 kg karvanda
  • 300 gms Everest Tikhalal
  • 150 gms mustard
  • 2 tbsps SSP special hing crystals
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • Salt as required depending on the sourness of the kaarand.


Clean n wash the kaaranda and spread it to dry overnight on a cloth.
Next day add abt 150 gms salt to the kaarand n keep covered tossing it daily for about 5 days.
You will notice dt the kaarand has changed colour and let out water.
Grind the mustard, turmeric, hing and chilly powder with the boiled n cooled water to a smooth paste and add to the kaaranda. Store in sterilized glass bottles.

Please replace the kaaranda which is seasonal with mixed veggies like carrot, tendli, ginger, green chillies cauliflower and for the sourness lemon to be chopped fine and added. Is ready within a day.

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