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Brined Raw jackfruit Stir fry Recipe

Raw jackfruit which is brined and used to make upkari, ghashi and also to fry by the Konkani community of Mangalore is considered a delicacy. A special variety of jackfruit is used for the brining process and it stays good for a year or more.

Ingredients :

  • 1/2 kg brined jackfruit
  • 8 dry red chillies broken into bits
  • 4 tbsps coconut oil.
  • Hing/asafoetida
  • Salt

Method :

Wash the brined jackfruit well, two to three times to get rid of the salt. Slice it thinly. Heat 4 tbsps oil. Add a tsp of mustard and after it splutters add the broken red chilly bits. Toss. Add the brined jackfruit and cook over a slow flame sprinkling a little water as necessary till it is done. Be careful while adding salt as it has already been brined. Drizzle with hing. Serve hot.

Note: be careful with salt as the jackfruit is brined.

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